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Electromagnetic Flow Meter (magflow Meter)

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FLAGSTONE is a Pulsed DC Magnetic flowmeter. This flowmeter is capable of providing a stable and accurate flow reading, even in demanding application.The flow tube is a fully sealed system, with extra thick PTFE lining for maximum performance. The meter can display the flow rate and also the totalized flow. It can also be supplied as a batcher. The 16 character LCD display with backlighting can display alphanumeric characters. All the menu is clearly labeled for easy understanding of the menu. The front cursor type keypad can be used to navigate through the menu system of the flowmeter. Calibrating the flowmeter is done digitally through front keypad. Programmability of the flowmeter offers flexibility to use the flowmeter at different velocity and different pipe diameters. Onsite digital calibration feature ensures best accuracy for a given flow condition. The flowrate unit is programmable. All the required rate conversion is done internally and displayed in a unit that is convenient to your process application. This feature eliminates manual unit conversion errors. Flagstone?s Magflow meter has a digital RS232 port. Using this feature, the flowmeter can be easily converted to a flow logger.
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